Getting the most from Application Enquiry part 1

Yesterday, I told you that land and property professionals have been using Application Enquiry to reduce the time and cost of their conveyancing.

This week, we offer five tips that will help professionals get the most from the service. The advice in this blog builds on the step by step instructions in our Application Enquiry user guide and adds some context.

Please note that where we refer to ‘you’, we are assuming you are a land or property professional with access to the HM Land Registry portal, our online transactional channel. We are also assuming you have some knowledge and experience of using the service.

Tip 1: Search by ‘HM Land Registry Reference’ to save time and see specific information

You can use your HM Land Registry Reference (we usually supply this when you send us your application) to search for your applications.

In some situations, this can help you find what you are looking for quicker than if you search by title number. Why? Because the HM Land Registry Reference is unique to each individual application, whereas a title number could have several applications against it.

When you search by HM Land Registry Reference, you are taken directly to the 'application details’ screen, so you won’t have to scroll through the list of pending applications against a title to find the one you are looking for.

The application details screen shows you whether we have completed or cancelled the application (if you search within 30 calendar days of the date you applied), and where we have sent any documentation.

We cannot display this information when you search by title number!

Searching by HM Land Registry Reference is especially useful if you are trying to find out about a new title application and you don’t have a title number yet. When you reach the application’s details screen, you will see its title number if we have allocated one. You can then click on this to go to the list of other pending applications against that title.

Tip 2: Save application details for later

You can create a permanent record of an application’s details with the ‘Save as PDF’ function.

It’s quicker and simpler than taking a screenshot or contacting us for confirmation and comes with the following advantages. It’s:

  • HM Land Registry branded, which could come in handy if you need to send a client (or other interested party, like a lender) formal proof of status
  • date and time stamped
  • smart – the PDF will only contain the important on-screen information while superfluous items are excluded
  • easy to save the PDF to a folder or location of your choice

More tips coming tomorrow!

I hope you have found these useful, and we’ll be back tomorrow with three more tips.

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  1. Comment by Vaughan Pursall posted on

    Hello again Adam.
    I’m afraid that my brother has now died. I told the conveyancing team to let me know how this would affect things, but unfortunately they have not responded as yet, so I would be grateful if you could advise me.
    Also, please could you tell me if the Land Registry contacted our solicitor about the missing information from the first application before it was cancelled.
    Thanks again for your help.

    • Replies to Vaughan Pursall>

      Comment by ianflowers posted on

      Vaughan - I am replying as Adam is currently unavailable. I am sorry to hear of your loss. The first application was cancelled as the solicitors did not comply with all of the outstanding points. As to the new application, a further requisition has been raised on 3 July on a couple of points and we're waiting to hear back from the conveyancers regarding these. Your brother's passing should not have a significant impact - if the conveyancers have applied for your late brother to be entered in the register, then we would require evidence of their death.

  2. Comment by Vaughan Pursall posted on

    Thanks for that Ian. I hope you don’t mind, but could you tell me how long it took for our solicitor to respond to your request for information concerning the first application which had to be cancelled. Were there initial inquiries which had no response, thereby leading to the cancellation?
    Thanks again, Vaughan

    • Replies to Vaughan Pursall>

      Comment by ianflowers posted on

      You're welcome. The requests were raised on 14 May giving the solicitor until the 13 June to respond or request more time to reply. The solicitors did respond on one point during that period, but the point was not fully resolved and other outstanding points were not addressed. As we did not receive a full reply or a request for more time by 13 June, the case was cancelled.

  3. Comment by Vaughan Pursall posted on

    Thanks, just as we thought. Let’s hope they address the latest queries and things aren’t held up yet again.
    Best Wishes, Vaughan

  4. Comment by Vaughan Pursall posted on

    Thanks Ian, I just wrote a comment but I don’t think it got sent, so forgive me if this is duplicated.
    The situation is as I thought and we’ll be taking this up with our solicitor. You’ve been very helpful and we can only hope that things can now be settled quickly.

  5. Comment by AdamH posted on

    Vaughan - the registration was completed on 15th July so if the solicitor has not received the confirmation/deeds then they need to contact us


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