Want an easy way to reduce the time and cost of your conveyancing?

Three quarters (76%) of the customers who use our free online service, Application Enquiry, agree that it reduces the time they need to speak to us about their registration applications. We all know the expression ‘time is money’, so if you are a land or property professional, are you using the service and reducing your costs like your competitors?

What is Application Enquiry?

Application Enquiry has been giving land and property professionals accurate information about pending registration applications since March 2016. To use it, you’ll need to be signed up to use our Business e-services through the HM Land Registry portal.

The service offers you an online tool that supports the way you already monitor and manage registration applications. You can use it to search the applications that have been lodged with us for registration, and use a variety of references to check:

  • an application’s progress status;
  • the reason an application has been delayed, where applicable;
  • if a charge has been discharged;
  • information about recently completed or cancelled applications; or
  • the full priority period for Official Searches.

Please note that you will need certain references to search for certain things. For example, you won’t be able to find out whether an application has been completed if you don’t have the relevant reference number we give you, keeping it all secure.

Why use our Application Enquiry option

82% of those who have used Application Enquiry rate it as excellent, very good or good and over half (59%) agree that they are able to find all of the information they need about their applications. That’s because we’ve been enhancing the service in response to user feedback since we launched it.

Once you have found the details you need, you can save them as a PDF to keep for your records or send them to other interested parties. Our customers, such as lenders, asked us for this feature so we built it for them.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can contact us directly from Application Enquiry. You can even send us a request to expedite your application under certain circumstances.

Once you start using Application Enquiry, you shouldn’t need to call or email us as often, especially about the progress, status of, or recent activity with your applications. This means your organisation can focus on other priorities, while we get on with processing your applications.

We know our customers want us to improve our speed of service as a priority. Together, we believe we can drive down the time it takes us to process applications, especially new title applications, and reduce the time and cost of registration.

How to make an Application Enquiry

Our guide explains how Business e-services customers can check their current applications to HM Land Registry through the portal.

We have also put together some tips to help you get the most from the service. They include searching by the reference we supply and saving application details for later, and checking and verifying discharge activity, the limitations of requesting more information and asking us to expedite an application.

The statistics in this post have come from the Customer Satisfaction Survey we conducted between 20 February and 3 March 2017. 300 customers took part.


  1. Comment by Soe Moe Thu posted on

    I bought a new property and moved in december 2016. Till today, I still don't have the title deed yet.

    Whenever I chased the solicitors about the progress, always receive the same response "I have checked the status of your application with the Land Registry and unfortunately it is still waiting to be processed due to a long backlog of applications against the plot itself".

    Is it normal to take that long?

    • Replies to Soe Moe Thu>

      Comment by Ian posted on

      Hello. Some more complex applications are taking months to complete but most cases lodged in December will have been processed. It is possible that the application is not in order in which case we would need to query this with the solicitors before the case could be completed. If you have the title number / address we'll check the position.

      • Replies to Ian>

        Comment by Soe Moe Thu posted on

        My address is 7 Ramsons Crescent Didcot, OX11 6FQ. I don't know the title number. Where can I find it?

        • Replies to Soe Moe Thu>

          Comment by Ian posted on

          Sorry, just the address is fine, but I can confirm that the title provisionally allocated to your property is ON331803. The application from Davies & Partners was lodged with us 20 March 2017. When the application came to be considered this month, a few points were found not to be in order and so a 'requisition' was raised with the solicitors today to rectify this. Once your solicitors have complied with the outstanding points, the case will be completed.

          • Replies to Ian>

            Comment by Soe Moe Thu posted on

            Thank you, Ian. I really appreciate it.

    • Replies to Soe Moe Thu>

      Comment by adamh posted on

      Some - we do have delays but that seems very long. Do you have the title number affected please?

  2. Comment by adamh posted on

    Soe Moe Thu - that application was in fact cancelled in August but it has been resubmitted and registered under title ON335286

  3. Comment by AMc posted on


    Similar to So Moe Thu's comment above. We purchased our property back in October 2017 and we still do not have confirmation that the title deeds have been registered. Our solicitor (L.A.R.K) is extremely difficult to get hold of and on the rare occasion she does respond she says that she'll let us know when she hears anything. Does it usually take this long? Is there anyone I can talk to at the HMRC Land Registry office?

    Our address is: Ground Floor Flat, 58a Bargery Road, SE6 2LN

    Many thanks

    • Replies to AMc>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      AMc - I'm afraid we don't currently have an application against that property/title. I can see that the solicitors have submitted applications last year and this but they have been cancelled as incomplete. In the circumstances you'll need to pursue it with them for an update on what the issues are and when they are likely to be able to submit the application

  4. Comment by RC posted on

    Hi - I am looking for an update on title BGL140014 (it's a shame we can't see the status ourselves given how notoriously uncommunicative most conveyancers are). We are unable to refinance without a registered title so are desperate. Any chance/way we can expedite this process? Thanks.

    • Replies to RC>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      RC - the application to register the new lease was received in late March. We currently have a backlog of this type of work and the current average timescale between receipt and consideration is around 59 working days. As such I would not expect it to be considered for several more weeks.
      If there is an urgency to the need to have it registered then the lodging conveyancer can contact us with those details and a request for expedition. They will be aware of the process so I would recommend contacting them and asking them to submit that request. It has to come from them as it is their application.
      Whilst I understand the frustrations involved with staying abreast of an application's status there is invariably little to report other than to confirm receipt. The delays tend to be with regards the wait time between receipt and consideration and the average timescales are published on GOV.UK
      There can though be other factors involved and invariably it is the conveyancer who is aware of that wider picture


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