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We've released more HM Land Registry data free of charge

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Binary numbers superimposed on a map of the world to suggest the scope of data releases.

Here at HM Land Registry, we have an ambition to become the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data. As Head of Data, I’m especially focused on the last of these. We’ve set ourselves a significant challenge to release all the data we can feasibly publish, over the next three years.

Our data team has already started working towards this goal. Today, we went live with the first of many data releases planned for the next three years. Our Commercial and Corporate Ownership (CCOD) and Overseas Companies Ownership (OCOD) datasets were released free of charge for the first time.

These datasets contain information on properties, where the registered legal owner is a UK company, a corporate body or an overseas company. We expect these datasets will become popular with a variety of customers, for a range uses.

As the custodian of the Land Register, we are obliged to safeguard the information it contains, to prevent fraud or misuse. To ensure users of CCOD and OCOD don’t use the data to harm others or breach their privacy rights, we have implemented a registration process. This process includes the acceptance of licence terms and identity verification.

While this means that the data isn’t fully open, it does enable us to release the data free of charge. This removes a significant cost barrier that has hindered citizens, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies from using the datasets. For us it is all about getting the balance right; by taking this approach we can ensure that we are safeguarding part of the Critical National Infrastructure but also meeting our ambition to make our information as open as possible.

As we continue to publish new data we may have to apply similar registration processes to other datasets, to safeguard against fraud. In the coming months, we will publish our roadmap for future data releases; this will describe the datasets we’re considering releasing. It will also show the extent of our open data ambition, which I think you will find impressive, and allow you to feedback your priorities.

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  1. Comment by Philip Mullard posted on

    Would like to know all owned properties by family surname of Tavre
    Would be trulely grateful.

  2. Comment by NT posted on

    It would be great if it didn't cost money to search the land registry, effectively a big DB of documents. Slap it into ElasticSearch and allow full text and metadata search at will, effectively taking this 1860s filing cabinet into the 1950s.

    Maybe you could even expose a nice web interface with alerting around properties, and NLP based parsing of titles and charges-- but that might require a developer or two.

    I'm bitter because it should not cost 3 quid to run a lookup, which is required to prove ownership of a property. It's a pointless charge that makes accessing data that much more irritating and difficult. Some of the fancier searches cost even more. It's ridiculous. Data should be open and free, especially when it's required by the public and paid for by the public.

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      Comment by Tom posted on

    • Replies to NT>

      Comment by Louise posted on

      Incredulous that in affect we 'the public" whatever situation you may be in,cannot access this information to veiw,I'm personally having problems that will affect mine and my children's life's, also now my grandchildren, in a way that affects all our social structures, I've been telling my children that good an right when things seem bad are the path to stay on,which in my veiw is lost these days in our young,I've lived in all aspect's of life and want to believe what I tell them is correct.I just needed a place to start so's to address the situation,the right way x

    • Replies to NT>

      Comment by Craig Janes posted on

      I absolutely agree, this service is paid for by the Taxpayer and should therefore be free. It is a public record, like planning applications. Anyone can visit their local Planning office and look up applications free, the Planning Offices only charge if you wish to use their photocopier, a bit of a con but essentially just to look up is free as it should be for all public records. The Land Registry should only charge if a hard copy is sent out.

      • Replies to Craig Janes>

        Comment by Bob Downing posted on

        It really doesn't help, either, when the search results fail completely to confirm you got the right property or piece of land, so you have to guess, discover the vague description was wrong, try again and so on, frequently meaning £10 a go as you also need a plan. It's just a money-making machine, not a public service.

        • Replies to Bob Downing>

          Comment by AdamH posted on

          Bob - I'm sorry to read that the online service has made you feel this way but there shouldn't be any guesswork involved when using it. Whilst I can understand that the service can be a frustrating one at times for the vast majority of searches it is an accurate service but there is always a risk that some searches may not provide the result you expected. That's why we offer a secondary and guaranteed service where you apply and we complete the search for you.
          If you are searching for a specific postal address/property then you would use Quick Enquiry and would get a specific search result on which you can rely
          If you are searching for a parcel of land then you would use Map Enquiry which enables you to locate the area, zoom in on the land, activate the Find properties radio button, move the target area to the land and search again to get a result that includes a direct hit and sometimes other nearby search results. If you get a direct hit then you can rely on the result provided irrespective of what the description provides. And whilst the title plan will often be needed to confirm anyway it won;t always be needed if you just want to know if it's registered and to whom. If you need to prove it then you would need both anyway.
          If you select from a list of results that include 'land to the rear of....'. land adjoining....' or similar then there will be a risk of not finding the information you want but that should not happen if you use Map Enquiry which is available to search for parcels of land accurately.
          Where the Map enquiry service may fall down is where the parcel of land is small or surrounded by several areas of registered land/property. In such cases I would always recommend making a postal search of the index map instead as you can be very specific re the parcel of land to be searched rather than use the target area as it is a circle only.
          If you are using the service on a regular basis and finding it inadequate for your needs then contact us at next time and before buying any information online give us the details so we can see what it is you are searching for and what the result reveals. It may help to identify where the issues lie.
          If you do then post again here as a comment so we can locate the enquiry quickly and respond

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      Comment by David posted on

      100 perfect right.

    • Replies to NT>

      Comment by Duncan posted on

      In Scotland you can look up any land boundaries, for free. It's crazy that England is so backwards.

      • Replies to Duncan>

        Comment by ianflowers posted on

        On the Registers of Scotland site some mapping information may be supplied for free, but the charge for a title sheet and plan is £3.00 (plus VAT). HMLR's fees are statutory in that they are laid before Parliament and must be charged. We are self-financing and so the fees and other income we receive covers the cost of all of our operations.

        If you are a business user / researcher, you may be interested in the INSPIRE spatial polygon bulk datasets which map title extents -

  3. Comment by Shela posted on

    When it says boundary, is that from your front door, or the end of your front garden ( that would make it from your front gate)

    • Replies to Shela>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Sheta - from a registration perspective the boundary is shown by a red outline on the title plan.

  4. Comment by Sheila posted on

    Can I search to find my mortgage lender circa 1981-1986 on a particular property and if so could you provide a link?

  5. Comment by Linda James posted on

    I don't have a hard copy of my lease. My conveyancer said the original was sent to the land registry. How can I get a copy? Appreciate your help

  6. Comment by Natasha posted on

    I'm in the process of buying a house, so I have bought a title plan of that property just to see exact size of the garden etc.
    I'm very confused at the moment as on the title plan size of the garden is more smaller. It actually shows that half of the garden is belongs to another property.
    I do not know what to do, of course I will request all related documents from vendor, solicitor but I would like to check it by myself as I don't want someone in the future to come and say it is my garden.
    Thank you.


    • Replies to Natasha>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Natasha - the title plan will only show what that title includes. If the land is not included then you should query it with the selelr and in some cases you may find that the other land is registered under a separate title. The title plan won't tell you that the additional land belongs to another property - the black lines may imply that but they are simply survey lines denoting where a fence, hedge etc may have been when the area was sureveyed. They do not denote ownership

  7. Comment by Steve H posted on

    Adam H,

    I am in the process of purchasing a property. We have a dispute over the title plans. The property I'm buying appears not to own all the land as advertised. some of this land supposedly is owned under another title However, the title in question only has a deed on the HM website but no title plan ? where can I find the title plan if it is not on your website ?

  8. Comment by Kate Lloyd posted on

    We are trying to establish when an extension was added to a property that we are selling. Is it possible to view old title deed info to see when the extra room was shown?

    • Replies to Kate Lloyd>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Kate - in my experience it is very unlikely that any registered details would confirm when an extra room was added unless it involved a lease and the extra room triggerd a variation of that lease. We register the land and it's general boundaries and as such the plans do not change when an extra room is built or a building is erected or demolished for example. The boundaries do not change.
      I would suggest trying Ordnace Survey to see if their maps show a change and at what time. The alternative is the local planning authority to see whether planning permission was granted and if so when

  9. Comment by Margaret Lamont posted on

    I need to find out if I have an easement or implied easement to repair my water supply pipe where it runs through another's garden. What searches do I need please?

  10. Comment by Zwickl posted on

    I’m tried to do a search against my parents property but the search result in no titles being found. My parents bought the house in 1974, I have the conveyance documents but there is not a title reference number contained. How do I get the title reference number in order to submit a DJP?

    • Replies to Zwickl>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Zwicki - it reads as if it is unregistered. Our PG 1 section section 8 lists the dates on which areas became subject to compulsory registration. If their purchase deed, the conveyance, is dated prior to the relevant date for the area then that would confirm it. The PG explains how an application can then be made for first registration

  11. Comment by Zwickl posted on

    Adamh - Thanks, section 8 shows compulsory registration coming in Nov 1986. This section seems to imply only a conveyancer can do this. My situation is a bit complex as I am POA for my mother who is joint property owner where 2nd owner is deceased (I have all the paperwork). Can I complete first registration & at the same time as doing a DJP or does a conveyancer have to do this?

    • Replies to Zwickl>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Zwicki - as that is after 1974 the property should be unregistered so the deeds are crucial. Form DJP is only used for a registered title so please ignore that form. If the property is to be registered you cna do it yourself but I would always recommend using a coneyancer as they are familiar with the forms, process and what deeds/evidence should be submitted

  12. Comment by NeilR posted on

    To be clear, obtaining some basic data for land registry ownership is not "free of charge" and costs £3.

    • Replies to NeilR>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      NeilR - the data you are referring ot is the registered informaiton, namely register or title plan. This article refers to specific data which is available for free.

  13. Comment by suhaila posted on

    Is it possible for me to find out which boundary fence I am responsible for

  14. Comment by Amanda posted on

    There is a large tree in a field behind a house which i have just purchased which needs shortening the tree i believe is past our boundary and the council are saying the land does not belong to do i find out who owns the tree?

  15. Comment by Martin posted on

    I have the Title No. to a plot of land that i would like to know who owns it, is there any other way apart from purchashing the title deeds for current ownership ?

  16. Comment by Rufus Herring. posted on

    "Here at HM Land Registry, we have an ambition to become the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data."

    The simple fact that HMLR charge for access to the Land Registry, which is or should be public information means that it is as far from an "open approach" and "simplicity" as possible. The only way to achieve this would be to place the entire LR database of title deeds and a facility to search the index map online free of charge and instantaneously. To state what you have without this is frank hypocrisy.

    • Replies to Rufus Herring.>

      Comment by Anju Verma posted on

      Rufus, thanks for your comment.

      Our ambition is to be the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data. We understand the potential value our information has to the economy. Property information can be combined with other types of data for all kinds of useful information and new services. As mentioned in our Business Strategy.

      Our data experts are finalising our data release roadmap which will detail how we will be releasing as much information as we can from our register by 2020, building on the open data we already provide. It is not just about releasing data but we are also looking at data quality, cross-government collaboration and supporting PropTech start-ups.

      We will continue to give updates about our future data plans.

      Kind Regards,
      Anju - Senior Communications Officer, HM Land Registry

      • Replies to Anju Verma>

        Comment by Craig Janes posted on

        Anju, that has not answered the question, why are you robbing people to look up a taxpayer paid for service, all public records should be free like Planning Applications

  17. Comment by Anne Poole posted on

    We bought a house in January 2018 where part of the garden and garage at the back had been sold off some time before. That portion of land is lying unused and rather derelict. We wondered how to find our whether the buyer at that time now would sell it back to us. How can we find out who that was?

  18. Comment by Davem posted on

    Is it possible to find if a property is leasehold or freehold ?

  19. Comment by Diane Furlong posted on

    I live in a council house Halton Housing Trust, 2 separate front gardens, with 1 access paved pathway to access both houses. Is my garden still classed as 'Shared'. As my Landlord states, because they have been dealing with Systemic ASB from my neighbours for 9 years now, and appear to be back peddling saying our gardens are shared. Which they are not. Just access gate. My address is 180 Milton Avenue, widnes, Cheshire, wa87bq

  20. Comment by Kazim posted on

    Hi, I have a staircase to make a 2 flat converted property built on a common alleyway going back about 14years. Now the neighbour is claiming half the alleyway to build a wall in the middle. Don’t I get some sort of immunity to the staircase after so many years that the neighbour wants to bring down the staircase?

    • Replies to Kazim>

      Comment by ianflowers posted on

      Kazim - Hi. Planning regulations may come in to play here which wall fall under the responsibility of the local authority. As to claiming the land itself, this is a very complex area and you may also need to consider any rights that exist over the common area. Ultimately, you want to consider getting independent legal advice from Citizen's Advice or from a conveyancer, such as a solicitor.

  21. Comment by Dom posted on

    Hi, can you search for the owner on a piece of land by the title number?

    • Replies to Dom>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Dom - yes as you can use the Detailed enquiry option

  22. Comment by Richard Searle posted on

    I ordered a title plan for a property, but the online title plan delivered from the land registry is for a property next to the one I ordered, and not the one I requested.

  23. Comment by Dave Preston posted on

    Will it be possible in the foreseeable future to search an online map for who owns land? It is the land owner's responsibility to maintain footpaths, hedges, remove rubbish etc. but how do I found out who the owner is?

    • Replies to Dave Preston>

      Comment by ianflowers posted on

      Dave - if the land is registered with us, you can already search a map online which may allow you to identify the land and get the ownership information you need. If the land is not registered, we will not hold any ownership information.

      Please see . Once you are on the Find a Property page, as your search relates to a piece of land, I would suggest you select the Map enquiry option. Use a nearby road / town name to search, and once you get a map of the area, change the options at the top of the map from Ordnance Survey Map to Birds Eye View. This should enable you to search the land you are interested in more clearly.

      Once you have identified the land concerned, zoom in on the map until you are able to use the 'Find properties' button on bottom left corner of the map. Click on the area that you are interested, which if the land is registered with us, will then list details of land / property information available.

      Once you decide which one you require and click Purchase, you will then need to register yourself as a new user. You will require a valid email address and a password for this.

      Register yourself as a user and then follow the process for payment. Once the payment has gone through, the title register or title plan that you have purchased will be available in PDF format for you view. You will need to save the document on your equipment if you wish to retain it for future reference.

      I hope this helps.

  24. Comment by Freddie Stokes posted on

    The house next door to us is unoccupied and a birthday card containing money has been delivered there because the send got the house number wrong how can I find the name and address if the owner?

  25. Comment by Denise Tyrrell posted on

    I had a visit today from the Highways agency. Our neighbour had reported the down pipe that is attatched to both our houses.Leaking during heavy rain. We are in the middle of a block of 6 terraced houses served by 2 down pipes. The one on our house is serving 4 of these properties.
    We have been told it is our responsibility to repair the down pipe & it will cost us between £500 - £800, if the pavement needs to be dug up.
    I am not convinced it is only ours to repair. The water is coming from the neighbours guttering that has rusted.
    How can I get a copy of my deeds for my mortgaged house?
    Will it show who is responsible for the down pipe?
    Thank you

    • Replies to Denise Tyrrell>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Denise - you can check the registered title(s) online/by post - such details may refer to specific rights/provisions but I'm afraid you would have to check as we don;t offer a 'checking' service and conveyancing will vary from property to property so much depends on what was put in place previously. If there is no specific mention then it may be something to discuss and agree with your neighbours and to get legal advice upon

  26. Comment by James posted on

    I own a flat in a development where some people have freehold shares with voting rights and others don't. I've been offered the chance to buy a voting share - how canI register the deed when it has been executed.

    Many thanks

    • Replies to James>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      James - deeds apportioning shares of this type are not registered on the land register. They are a separate matter between you and the other shareholders/freeholder company/association

  27. Comment by Pippa posted on

    I am going round in circles trying to find the title number for a small parcel of agricultural land that we own. My mother's solicitor handled everything but never passed it on. Any suggestions as to how I do this? Thanks

  28. Comment by Tony Lowden posted on

    By mutual agreement, my neighbor and I have made a minor adjustment to our common boundary which we would like to formalise via The Land Registry Office. However,I can’t seem to find a link to enable me to implement this. Can you advise?

  29. Comment by Geoff Rosser posted on

    I have just paid £3.00 to download a copy of the Title for a piece of land I am interested in buying. Firstly, on reading it, it refers to highlighted areas on a plan which is not attached to the title and doesn't appear to be listed as available to purchase separately. Secondly, none of the entries listed seems to be related to the piece of land I was enquiring about. I've tried ringing the Nottingham Land Registry office but can't get through. What other ways are there of getting the information I require and can I get a refund for being sold the wrong infromation.

  30. Comment by Janet posted on

    We purchased our property in 2010 as freehold and the title deeds show as freehold,the owners previous to use first purchased property as a part share part owner purchase, then they purchase the outstanding shares making it freehold, and the two tile deeds merged as one ,but it shoes nothing of this on your webs sight and there’s no record of our purchase,why.

  31. Comment by Janet posted on

    5 Whalesborough parc
    Bude cornwall Ex238GB

    • Replies to Janet>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Janet - many thanks. The register will only show the current registered details. So if the previous owner bought the freehold in parts, % shares, then they may have been registered but one the full 100% had been purchased and the titles merged such entries/details would no longer be relevant to the 'current' registered details.
      I've checked the historical editions of the register relevant to the previous owner's title of the time and no mention of the purchased shares was noted.

  32. Comment by Janet posted on

    The seller first purchased 50% on 25/03/2008title no CL245368 then on the 30/09/2009 he purchased the remaining 50% title no CL268772,what I am trying to say is if I look at property sold in my road our purchase never appears it just shows the previous owner, so why does it not show our sale on the records.the two tiles we’re amalgamated on08/03/2011

    • Replies to Janet>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Janet - as the purchase in 2011 was of both the freehold and remaining leasehold interest we only entered the price paid on the register. We would not have added the details to the price paid data online as it was not a 'normal sale/purchase'. If you wish to query/ask for that to be reconsidered/amended then you can report it online for the support team to take a closer look and email you back

  33. Comment by Daniel jones posted on

    I'm selling my house and the land registry has come back and it looks like a small piece of my garden is unregistered. I live in middle terrace not going into.anyone else property.
    But the older di ument 1954 I believe has the bit missing as part of my property. How do i go about sorting this out as it will cost me sale of mine?

  34. Comment by Jade posted on

    How do I get some proof of a property my mother owned on her own back in 1993/1994 before selling it.

    • Replies to Jade>

      Comment by ianflowers posted on

      Jade - our registers were converted into electronic format around that time so there may not be an historical copy of the electronic register available. If that's the case the alternative would be to obtain a copy of the transfer of ownership deed for £7 each. Either the transfer from the previous owner to your mother or the transfer from when your mother sold the property.

      The next step would be to contact us to check what's available - . You can call or email but bear in mind that if a copy of a transfer deed is needed then these are usually held off site and so we'd need to call for files.

  35. Comment by Frank Garside posted on

    In order to change from 'joint tenancy' to 'tenants in common' we need to severe joint tenancy by submitting a Form A which requires us to enter the title number of the property. How do we obtain the title number?

  36. Comment by Dave Ashcroft posted on

    My solicitor retired and posted me the deeds to my house unfortunately they have been lost I do however have the land registry deeds, do I need both documents to sell ? If so how do I find a copy

  37. Comment by Donald Booth posted on

    I have 2 documents available at 1) title plan 2) property register. However I recall seeing another document that details who maintains which border and such like.
    Does the land registry hold these other documents?

    • Replies to Donald Booth>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Donald - you may be referring to a deed mentioned on the register and shown as 'filed'. Only the register is available online but you can apply by post for a 'filed' deed

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by Donald Booth posted on

        AdamH - Thank you for the reply.

        Q7 on the OC2 form asks me to state which documents to request.
        There is even a comment that All or Any will be rejected.
        My problem is that I don't know what to ask for.
        Is there anyway I can get a list of what documents LR hold?

        • Replies to Donald Booth>

          Comment by AdamH posted on

          Donald - form OC2 is used to apply for copies of documents referred to as 'filed' on the register or submitted with an application to update the register. You will need to look at the register to see if there are any 'filed' and if you then want copies you would complete form OC2 to get them
          Have a read of our full online guidance to understand more about the register and 'deeds' before applying for anything

  38. Comment by Irene Tonyin posted on

    my dad just passed away but i dont have is full address. can i find out if he owns a property without his full address?

    • Replies to Irene Tonyin>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Irene - I'm sorry to read of your loss. You can make a search using his name but you will need to obtain probate first so that you have the necessary authority to make such a search
      I should stress that such a search reveals all interests registered against the name searched so would not distinguish between your Father and someone else with an identical name. You may have to carry out wider searches with us thereafter against the title(s) revealed

  39. Comment by Leyanne posted on

    What's the best way to find out who, if anyone, owns a piece of unadopted land/access road?

    • Replies to Leyanne>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Leyanne - if it's registered you may be able to identify it online using our Map Enquiry service. If not then a postal search of the index map is the next step to see if it is registered.
      If it is unregistered then it's local detective work you'll need to try and identify the owner and I'd suggest starting with any adjoining landowners who use it or have a right to use it

  40. Comment by Michelle Mee posted on

    My Husband has a property in his name that is rented out.
    Another dwelling has been built on the side of the property.
    We would like the new property to be registered in my name.
    The new property will also be let out.
    We have looked at the website but have been unable to find out how we go about this.
    We did something similar ten years ago but both of the properties are in my name. The properties are registered separately as it was a requirement when applying for a mortgage at the time.
    Please advise which forms are needed and the fees to be paid.
    Thank you.

  41. Comment by TheMilkyBarKid posted on

    Is it possible to see old title deeds and associated title plans? The owner of an older property at some stage sold part of their land for development of new buildings, but it seems that in redrawing the title deeds and associated boundaries, mistakes may have been made. Ideally, I would like to be able to trace the history so any mistakes can be identified and hopefully rectified. How can I go about this?

  42. Comment by Sophia posted on

    A country Estate comprising Papplewick, Linby & Newstead, was bought from Sir James Fountayne Montagu by Albert Ball, on April 10th 1920. He sold the majority of lands to Hucknall Friends Provident society, (aka The Co-op) on 12th April 1920, including Grange Farm, which ran alongside The Grange, Papplewick and part of which was also sold, along with several acres to Julien Cahn on 4th June 1920. There was a `formal` entrance to The Grange, but the `main door` would be accessed from what is now this joint, unregistered road as were the ancillary buildings, over time being converted to cottages, and new built dwellings. It is unimaginable that a man with several Rolls-Royces, i.e. Julien Cahn, would be asking permission to use the road adjacent to the back, side or front of his country estate BUT the Title deeds at the time and still today are dependant on the paragraph contained within them which states "Excepting and reserving to the Vendor and his successors, the rights of passing and re-passing, with horse carts, mechanical vehicles, etc., etc., ) but ALL of the roads, paths and tracks particularly to Grange Farm, remain unregistered. We as residents, have precriptive ownership gained over time, BUT in this day and age, solicitors are scared stiff of a long dead owner ! (or rather their descendants) appearing and are calling the Rights a `defective title` which then needs to be indemnified. One solicitor recommended that I `find` the owner and I advised I would do anything I could but I am not employing a `medium` or having a seance ! All of the residents have, through DWH, Barratt Homes, Bellway Homes, etc, THOUSANDS of houses, are reliant upon that same easement. I have tried to find out how Albert Ball handled the disposal of the rest of the country houses that he bought, Bunny Hall, Bestwood Hall, for instance, but it is the roads, tracks and paths that relate to Grange Farm that I would most particularly like to locate an owner of. Albert Ball`s company was dissolved in or about 1936. Should the roads have become Non Vacantia ? and owned by the Crown. ? Can you help me on this difficult one place.

    • Replies to Sophia>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Sophia - we can't help you identify and locate the legal owner of unregistered land so it is very much down to your own efforts if that is what you need to do. You would need to rely on your legal advice as to the wider issues you mention and the term, if you wish to research it further, is Bona vacantia where land can pass to the crown in particular circumstances.
      If you are looking for wider comment/advice online then forums such as Garden law can be useful resources although we would always recommend relying on your legal advice in such cases
      I would also point out that trying to find the legal owner can, in my experience of dealing with other enquiries, mean that you invalidate the indemnity insurance as by searching for them you increase the risk your policy is trying to cover for you. Do speak to your solicitor again before researching the matter too deeply

  43. Comment by George posted on

    Can you please advise how to change property registration from Tenancy in common to Joint tenancy

  44. Comment by Emz posted on

    I need to prove my mother owned her property in 1980. I filled out a form and paid the £7, it was returned saying you do not hold any records. Where do I go from here?

    • Replies to Emz>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Emz - the only proof is likely to be the original deeds/documents. Does your Mother still own the property and if so where are the deeds?

  45. Comment by Stan posted on

    Hi, is there a document that will detail the width of the shared access to the rear of a row of terraces properties?

    The shared access is not in dispute, however I am on the end of the terrace and would like to know how wide I can make a gate from the shared access into my garden. Thank you.

    • Replies to Stan>

      Comment by ianflowers posted on

      Hi. Plans to deeds lodged for registration may sometimes contain measurements but usually, as with our title plans, they will only show the general position in relation to the features on the Ordnance Survey map. Most deeds are returned on first registration but some are retained and these are usually referred to as 'filed' on the title register. Please see our general guidance in this area:

      Other documents not usually related to the registration process may also contains plans with measurements, such as documents relating to planning consent / approval.

      I should also mention that even where there are measurements in deed plans, they should not be relied upon to give the definitive position. This is because the position on the ground may have changed over time and also it is usually not possible to say definitively which point(s) the original measurements were taken from. If you have not already done so, it is always best to consult with the neighbours affected, if possible, and also consider seeking independent advice if you are unsure of the legal position regarding any action being taken on the ground.

      • Replies to ianflowers>

        Comment by Stan posted on

        Thank you - although like so much in property borders / access etc their isn't a hard and fast rule or precisely defined position, in this instance that's actually quite helpful! Much appreciated.

  46. Comment by Suzy posted on

    My mother died 4 years ago and left me her 50% share in the property that my father lived in. My father died last year and left his 50% share in the property to my sister. Both my parents had wills. Apparently because my father stated in his will that that my sister could live in the property until her death or she sold it, and then passed the same conditions to her 3 children and 6 grandchildren, I dont have a claim to my share that my mother left. Is there anything I can do about this ,or is there a way that I can check to see if she is selling the property.
    Many thanks

  47. Comment by Suzy posted on

    Thanks for the advice AdamH

  48. Comment by Jules posted on

    can I check the ownership of a property from the 1940s?

  49. Comment by Phil posted on

    I lost all my previous details of 5 houses that I had lived in from 1995 until 2007, and have been asked to find out when I owned them exactly and with details of Mortgage companies I used at that time. It seems expensive to pay the fee for each property to find out historically my details. Is there a better way around this?

    • Replies to Phil>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Phil - I'm afraid not. You'll need us to check each title to see what we have and then pay for copies as appropriate

  50. Comment by Alan Aldridge posted on

    I just want to establish if my fathers house is on the 'modern' register i.e. all details for sale can go through the land registry or under the old system needing the original deeds.

    The 'deeds' were with a solicitor who appears to have evaporated.

    I object to paying £24 just to know how the property is registered.

    Or am I missing something?

    • Replies to Alan Aldridge>

      Comment by ianflowers posted on

      Alan - it appears that you may have been accessing one of the commercial sites that re-sells HM Land Registry information. Our site can be distinguished from all others as it has 'GOV.UK' in the internet/URL address. You can check whether the property is registered and obtain an online title register for £3 from our Find a Property service - .

      If no information is showing, the property is likely to be unregistered. You can confirm this be doing a SIM postal application for £4 - .

      • Replies to ianflowers>

        Comment by Alan Aldridge posted on

        Thank you very much for your advice. I have now accessed the £3 search.

        However, I would comment further that users like me come to your site without the benefit of your knowledge and what might seem obvious to you and your colleagues.

        Your site is not easy to navigate and is quite confusing to a lay visitor - in common with many other internet sites.

        • Replies to Alan Aldridge>

          Comment by ianflowers posted on

          Alan - I am sorry you had difficulties navigating the site. Thank you for the feedback which we do record and use in the development of our services. We are currently developing a new online service for the public, but are not able to say at this time when we will be in a position to fully replace the existing service.

  51. Comment by Geraldine Henshaw posted on

    I'm trying to find out whether 3 terraced properties in Rutland are on the same title or on separate titles. I have the addresses. Am I able to do that through you please?

  52. Comment by Jamie Webber posted on

    Hi there. Would this free database tell me who purchased a building from HSBC (as in a closed branch)? Thanks

  53. Comment by ann coals posted on

    Hi. Have a recent 'Filed Plan' from HM Land Registry for two adjacent detached properties. At the bottom of the printed plan, on the right hand side of property 1's details is a circle approx 2.5 cm across (as if a photocopy of a stamp or seal). Within the circle it says H.M. Land Registry in print around the outside. The inner bit appears handwritten with initals? LEC and underneath 3/88. The other property is identical except the written initials? are barely readable but look like PS and 7/82. What is the significance of this 'circle' and the information contained within? Thank you.

    • Replies to ann coals>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Ann - the circle is a date stamp with regards when the title plan was mapped. So 3/88 means March 1988 and 7/82 means July 1982. The initials are for the person who mapped it at that time but they are of importance to use only

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by ann posted on

        Adam thank you very much for your swift reply. I suspected it might be that but wasn't sure and it was important to me to know the context in relation to the title plan.

  54. Comment by Martin posted on

    Last year I remortgaged my home following improvements to the property and grounds.
    The valuation had increased significantly ie over 35%.
    The mortgager details were changed but not the valuation.
    Since the land registry is considered a public register I feel this misrepresents the state of the property, aside any LTV queries.
    How can I get the value corrected please?

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Martin - we make an entry in respect of the price paid/value stated at a specific point in time, namely the date of completion on a sale/transfer. We don;t register a 'running value' or make separate entries to reflect changes made or increases/decreases in value. Any issues around the state of the property or LTV should be addressed through explaining the changes made and obtaining a valuation as appropriate at the time of asking.

  55. Comment by Martin posted on

    Am I right in assuming then, that a valuation obtained as a prerequisite for the transfer to the new mortgage provider, would constitute "a price paid/value stated at a specific point in time" and therefore could be added to the Land Registry entry for the property?

    • Replies to Martin>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Martin - we only add price paid/value entries when the registered ownership changes. Legal charge valuations or amounts secured do not lead to a price paid or value entry being made on the register

  56. Comment by Amanda Hill posted on

    Hi, we have just bought a property that is above another property and apparently we don't own the corner of our kitchen, it is walled off and this includes the original front door of our house. Our title deeds that I have paid for ,show this room as square and with no corner missing and the property beneath us , on their deeds, does not include this corner, but how do I go about taking it back if they won't sell it to us and is there another way I can find out when/how this corner was sold?

  57. Comment by Monika posted on

    I live in a council block of flats. Would like to buy my flat through Right-to-Buy but the bank declined the offer base on the mortgage valuation: " due to the low amount of owner occupation properties within the block, this will affect future saleability and is not considered suitable mortgage security". I know that about 40% of all occupancy are private residents however, when I go to Land Registry I can see that there is only one record for a flat that was sold two years ago. This is not right because some of my neighbours I know in person and I know that they are the owners but their flats cannot be found on the list of Land Registry. Is this because free data is limited and if I want to access more info i have to pay for this? If so, could you please advise me how can I buy this data. I want to prove the facts as the mortgage valuation was incorrect and it stops me from buying the property. Many thanks.

    • Replies to Monika>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Monika - the data may not include excluded sales information which is explained under the data itself
      For example you may find that they bought their freehold but have the two tenures still registered. Their freehold purchase would not be included in the data as it’s not a full market price.
      I’d suggest considering one or two that have been sold and research the actual titles, rather than the data, to see what was paid for example

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by Monika posted on

        Thank you for your advise Adam.

  58. Comment by Jeremy posted on

    Following the ending of the Caution against Dealings procedure, is there any way to obtain automatic notification of:-
    (a) a priority search being made against a title,
    (b) an application being made to transfer the ownership of a title?
    Thank you.

  59. Comment by Sue posted on

    We've finished paying our mortgage and want to get a copy of the deeds to our house. We're confused about which of the options we need to choose and the cost. Thank you

    • Replies to Sue>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Sue - online is £3 per item and post is £7. You only need the postal option if you need to prove ownership to someone for example. If you just want to check/confirm the registered details for yourself then online is fine. They each show the same information

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by Sue posted on

        Many thanks. Turns out I had stumbled into a site that wasn't the real land registry, and was quoting £20-30 for the same thing !
        I've downloaded what I need now for £3 - thank you !

  60. Comment by RUTH samuel posted on

    Where would I start a search for a title deed owned by my father during 1970 and 1979.
    Then by myself from 1979 to 1982.

  61. Comment by MM posted on

    have paid off the mortgage. Is it essential that I obtain title deeds from the land registry please? If so, how do I go about it?

  62. Comment by MM posted on

  63. Comment by Terry johnson posted on

    Hi,is it possible to check how much someone has payed for a strip of land

  64. Comment by Michael Bradshaw posted on

    I hope you can help. My neighbour has put a fence on what I consider my land. His fence has been built along our side of a ditch, which for the last 42 years that I have lived here, I understood that this land was a part of my garden as the ditch was the boundary line between the two properties. My title deeds state that the 'previous owners' understand that they own and are responsible for maintenance up to that ditch, so I'm thinking that he has effectively built on my land. Is there anything I can do to prove this before talking to him because it would be so much easier to have paperwork to support my belief beforehand. Thank you.

    • Replies to Michael Bradshaw>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Michael - the registered details can assist to explain where the general boundary lies but it is very much legal advice you need. Invariably such matters are best resolved between neighbours but if you are looking for wider online comment then public forums such as Garden Law or Money Saving Expert can be useful resources but it's still legal advice we would recommend

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by Michael Bradshaw posted on

        Thanks AdamH I'll give both a look.

  65. Comment by Marc posted on

    Can I find out the mortgage history of my property since it has been in my name (when the property was mortgaged and to who and when they were discharged). I have the title numbers

    • Replies to Marc>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Marc - use our contact form to submit the specific details and what it is you are after re the previous mortgage details. Our support team can then check as to what we have and advise by email how to apply for copies as appropriate

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by Marc posted on

        Thanks Adam - have sent in all details - do you know how quick a reply is likely to be on something like this please

        • Replies to Marc>

          Comment by AdamH posted on

          Marc - all depends if the details are available electronically or in paper format. If the former then you should get a reply in a few days. If the latter then a little longer as the paper file will need to be retrieved from storage.

  66. Comment by Larissa Brast posted on

    Can I get the name of the owner of an address that a friend has been scammed on?

  67. Comment by Heamn posted on

    Hi, is it okay to get a title plan of some one else property which you intend or in process of buying ?

    • Replies to Heamn>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Heamn - yes as the land register, including the title plan, is open to all

  68. Comment by Barryuk posted on

    I owned a property 14 years ago but i cant remember the address of it as i bought it up north and i live in south. I no longer own the property and didnt keep any paper work as i moved several times.
    Is there a way i can find out the address of the property by searching against my name. Or can land registry/hmrc help me search for previous owned property??

    • Replies to Barryuk>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Barryuk - I’m afraid not. Whilst you can search own name it won’t provide historical information

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by Barryuk posted on

        So i cant search for previously owned properties that i had?
        Is there another way i can find out?

        • Replies to Barryuk>

          Comment by AdamH posted on

          Barryuk - only other way would probably be through your own personal records depending on what you’ve kept over the years or can access historically for example bank details, old photos, family/friends etc

          • Replies to AdamH>

            Comment by Barryuk posted on

            Ahh thanks for your help. Found it was in a street in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

  69. Comment by Barryuk posted on

    Is land registry open at the moment say if i wanted to sever my tenancy can i send the forms in or is everything shut due to covid 19?

    • Replies to Barryuk>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Barryuk - we are open so you can still post your application. The crisis will mean it is unlikely to be processed for some weeks though

  70. Comment by Barryuk posted on

    If i sever the joint tenancy by filling out the sev form by default is it 50/50 equal shares? Or do i need to specify the shares.

    • Replies to Barryuk>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Barryuk - we register a form A restriction on application. We don’t register the ‘shares’. As such we can’t advise on how the law would view the unspecified split but logic would suggest 50/50 unless something stated otherwise such as your wills, a trust deed etc
      Form SEV does not require you to state the split either

  71. Comment by Jade N posted on

    I have the original deeds which shows my boundary at the front of my house at 17ft and the end of my 100+ foot garden to be 16ft however it doesnt show the measurement at the back of my house - would this be the same as the front? my deeds also dont show the houses built next to mine approx. 50 years later.

    • Replies to Jade N>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Jade N - a plan only shows what it shows and in the context of the deed it forms part of. So it would only be the same if they’d put the same measurement on the line drawn for the back boundary.
      Plans will only show what the drawer needed to show in the context of the deed and what was there at the time.
      All plans should be seen in that limited context. They will only be defining re measurements for example if the readers agree where and how that measurement is now taken. So lots if assumptions and agreement needed
      See our PG 40 supplements 3-5 inc

  72. Comment by Jade N posted on

  73. Comment by Sonya posted on


    I need a title number for my property for our remortgage, how can I get hold of this?

    Thank you 🙂

  74. Comment by Sal posted on

    How would I find the owner of a parcel of land situated between two properties, it is currently in dispute and is not showing up on either title plan dowloaded from HMLR.
    I believed it to be purchased from one property by the owner of the other property approximately 15 years ago.


  75. Comment by Mark posted on

    We the people or rather all Men and Women of our country must start to pay a lot more attention to the words and terminology used and ask questions including a lot more study of what the system is all about. In a nutshell it is simply about fraud and creating perpetual fraudulent debt liability for every Man Women and Child by misrepresentation as from birth. An example of this is we are not referred to as Men and Women but as PERSONS. A person or PERSON does not exist in reality but merely upon paperwork and is a LEGAL entity. I am not a person or PERSON I am a Man. This comment probably will not be put up for viewing but in respect of Land Registry, a sub-office of H.M Parliament which is a private company has no lawful standing. I have asked Land Registry employees many questions and requested them to provide evidence relating to statements made and of language text used but without any response. To ask a simple question of who actually is the owner of my property and get a load of babble for a response says something to me. It appears that to our detriment of Registering our property that we somehow have given a platform for this company of Land Registry to dictate to us of what we are and what we are not allowed to do and must conform to their (Legal Regulations). There is no contract nor any agreement but rather, people are tricked and deceived into what they are informed by others of what they must do and is a Legal requirement?

  76. Comment by Kazzereee posted on

    My brother has died and I believe he paid off his mortgage in 2015. Would a copy of the title deed for the property show this please?

    • Replies to Kazzereee>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Kazzeereee - the register would confirm ownership and any registered charges. If a charge had been removed the register would simply not refer to it

  77. Comment by Ben Mew posted on

    I own a house and seperately some adjoining paddock land of some 20 acres. I believe there is a gated gateway to a country road from the paddocks in addition to the driveway on an adjoining road to my house. Is it possible to check that the gateway is an official entrace to the land and further can I build an alternative driveway from that to my house?

  78. Comment by Anna posted on

    I'm looking for historical land ownership documents, but do not have a cheque book to send the fee and I am not close to an office. is there another way of paying? Also, the ownership changed a few times in the space of a couple of years and without knowing the exact dates, how do i know what date to request the document from? Is there a way of knowing beforehand when/how many times the deeds changed?

  79. Comment by Anna posted on

    Thanks Adam. I previously contacted HM Land Registry using the link you provided but got an automated reply stating that I need to complete the HC1 form. I seem to be going round in circles :/

    • Replies to Anna>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Anna - you will get an automated reply in such cases. If you don’t have the specific details re what you want then you can reply to that email, provide the details you have re property, title number and what you are after. The support team will check and email you back explaining how to apply for what we have as appropriate

  80. Comment by Asif Mahmood posted on

    How do I stop people finding out what property I own or have on my name?

    • Replies to Asif Mahmood>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Asif - we register land/property and that register is an open one. As such anyone can search for registered information about a specific parcel of land or property but they can’t search the land register by name.

  81. Comment by IanB posted on

    I have e-mailed before and currently have acted as per the explanatory reply with a letter sent to the Gloucester address quoting the incident number. It concerns what may be called historical documents. What you have will I know have to be requested via the relavant forms and a Freedom of Information Request. However being the victim of an adverse possession issue I find from the Register and the purchased documents that there may have been a New Title issued in April 2018. There is no historical information whatsoever on the neighbouring property which is over 100 years old. It is clean absolutely just the current proprieter and the charge. It has a much higher registration number than my own property of 1974 vintage. How can I check if this is the case? Previous owners of this house have received no notifications whatsoever from HM Land Registry and neither have we. Our solicitors turned up nothing untoward when they did some extra searches during the purchase period.

    • Replies to IanB>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      IanB - properties are not registered based on age so it’s perfectly possible to have a recent title for a very old property. We register land and generally speaking that happens when it and anything on it are sold.
      Titles are created based on the evidence submitted, including deeds. We don’t then keep those deeds and many wouldn’t contain anything to merit an entry on the new register.
      So you may be expecting too much of the land register and our records. And the best way to find out what we have on record is to ask so we can check what we have on record and then advise how to apply. The applications, if you make any, are statutory services. FOI doesn’t really come into it as a result.

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by IanB posted on

        Thank you for the reply. As stated I have e-mailed via the contact address and have followed the advice in a detailed reply from yourselves. What is certain is that the property concerned was sold in 1998. It subsequently was sold again 2005 and the current owner purchased in April 2018. I find it very difficult to believe that there is nothing on file at all for this property. It is a clear statement that records are held digitally from 1993 for Registers and 2013 for Title Plans. As FOI, I was also surprised to read that but it is contained within your very own reply to my initial request. The statement being that digitally held information, whatever is held that way would be obtainable via forms OC1 and OC2 plus HC1. Then any non digitised information held as hard copy would need a Freedom of Information Request. But to further the Incident Number I had to write a letter and use Her Majesty's mail. Is it possible that we can have a consistent story please?
        Further I think you have missed the point as well. The crux of this little bit of the enquiry is how can I check (or you as the public service responsible) if a new Title has been raised against this land at the last change of ownership. This has been done in an underhand way as legal cases show when boundary disputes and adverse possession are raised.

        • Replies to IanB>

          Comment by AdamH posted on

          IanB - you can check by asking the question re the specific title using the Contact form referred to.
          We hold information electronically/digitally and some will still be in paper format. However if the property was only registered in 1998 (unsure if that is the case though) then it does not mean we hold any prior details.
          Clearly there are specific issues involved re the title and our records so the only way to resolve those is through the Contact form channel. I hope you find what you are looking for

          • Replies to AdamH>

            Comment by IanB posted on

            Thank you Adam. I will wait for the reply to my letter. The property is over 100years old ours is 1974. The crucial period is really 1998 to 2018. The years quoted have been gleaned from local knowledge and follow ups with old estate agent records. This at least narrows down the searches. The new Title issue came up through reading case law reports on AP cases.

  82. Comment by Ian Bayliss posted on

    This still rumbles on from above. Based on the above replies and the written correspondence with HMLR, I have presented two OC1 forms, one OC2 form and one HC1 form. Each carefully filled in and an individual cheque for the relevant fee as per chart clipped to each form. The cheques were cashed almost straight away so you have been paid. I have received 2 responses only. It is clear that chaos reigns at HMLR. One response claims I have not paid enough. When I check perhaps there is an interpretation which could say I need to pay another £7. However they tell me in the letter to use the wrong form to apply again, they sent one document ,a plan but they have clearly mixed up this request with one of the others as well. One request is correct in that one document is correct but that there have been no changes to the other part since 1979. You took the £14 however on that one. There is an outstanding request for a TP1 or its equivalent from 1974 (I assume Form 19) register states copy filed. Mixed up with that other request and I have to apply again with another fee and another incorrect form. There is a further request fee taken for an original conveyance of land 1974 copy filed on register which has been totally ignored. What on earth is going on in this utter utter shambles? My house is in danger of collapse due to nefarious activities by neighbours and we NEED these documents!

    • Replies to Ian Bayliss>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Ian - I’m sorry to read of the issues you have experienced in applying for copies. There’s little we can do to investigate via this blog and we’d normally signpost our Contact Us form which would enable you to share the specific title numbers you applied against.
      In circumstances, and in light of the details you have shared here, I’m happy to copy and paste the details into a contact message and refer it to the support team to investigate but I’d need those title numbers please?
      If you’ve used the Contact Us form as well already then please confirm

  83. Comment by Ian Bayliss posted on

    I will try again via that link Adam. Thank you. However I really do not expect to be run around in circles again. HMLR is a public service and service by any QUANGO these days has become a contradiction in terms.
    The lack of care and support for the law abiding public is now beyond the pale. All civil and public servants need to be made accountable for their incompetent actions or inactions. Stop supporting the bad guys!!!!!

    • Replies to Ian Bayliss>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Ian - understood and hopefully you will receive a response that explains what has happened and why. I should stress that in my experience we don’t aim to run anyone around in circles but do appreciate that you have a very dim view of the work we do. Hopefully our response will be a positive one and which restores some of your lost faith in government organisations.

  84. Comment by Simon F posted on

    I've had no luck at all searching. I had a mortgage agreed, the vendor had their property (which we were going to buy) repossessed...and we can't even find out which Bank now owns it.

    • Replies to Simon F>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Simon F - which Service are you using, which address and what ‘no luck’ message are you gett8ng?

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by Simon Falla posted on

        Hi Adam... It's actually sorted.. Downloaded wrong document (doh) ?

  85. Comment by TMan posted on

    I am looking to find all the leaseholders in my building (about 500 apartments) for the purpose of asking them whether they want to buy out the freehold. There are substantial number of overseas owners and hence I cannot simply knock on the door and ask. The freeholder will not provide the information since it is against his interest. Is there anyway that I can do the search 1) in bulk and 2) reduce the overall search fee? 500 x £3 is a lot of money just to find the names of the owners.

  86. Comment by steve posted on

    my elderly neighbour has been placed in a carehome but the fence between our properties has fallen down. The fence belongs to my neighbour property but he is only rents it. How can i find out who the owner is so i can get the fence fixed?

  87. Comment by Nadereh posted on

    I have recently sold a property, in W14 8XJ I would like a copy of the historical register that says I sold the property as seller to buyer :
    I paid for the wrong title deed and another form, £6 for nothing. I would be so grateful if you could please guide me in the right direction. God bless.

  88. Comment by Paul Beck posted on

    Hi, I am in the process of selling my terraced house but the buyers solicitor is querying the boundary of the title deed plan vs the Mapsearch plan as the Mapsearch plan does show a blank white box behind half of my garden, can I get Mapsearch amended to show this is my land and belongs to my title deed plan? Thanks.

    • Replies to Paul Beck>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Paul - MapSearch is a visual representation of our indexing to offer a basic insight into what’s registered, or not. It’s the title plan that matters re guaranteed registered extents
      So if the land is unregistered and you think it was left out in error that’s one type of application you need to make. If it’s unregistered but no error that’s a different type.
      If the land is registered a title plan is amended or created. And MapSearch would be updated for information purposes
      So best to check with solicitor to see what they’ve applied for and go from there. Unregistered land can’t just be added without evidence of legal ownership

      • Replies to AdamH>

        Comment by Paul Beck posted on

        Thanks Adam, the land is registered and we have the same boundary as our neighbour but their boundary is shown on Mapsearch and now the buyers solicitor is holding up our sale and subsequent purchase based on the missing info on Mapsearch which is not easy to digest as I expect the amending of Mapsearch to be quiet hard to accomplish unless you have a team I can contact?

        • Replies to Paul Beck>

          Comment by AdamH posted on

          Paul - it doesn’t work like that although I can understand them asking the Q re MapSearch. As I said it’s the title plan that they would be relying on to complete the transaction.
          There’s no team for you to contact. If you want to Contact Us then you can but if your solicitor has then there’s no point duplicating matters.

          • Replies to AdamH>

            Comment by Paul Beck posted on

            Thanks for the advice Adam, I have raised a general enquiry ?

  89. Comment by Peter Champion posted on

    A property was first registered in 1987 and sold in 1989.
    Can I determine the owner at the time of the registration?

  90. Comment by Jason posted on

    I have deeds for my property showing attached land in 1962 and 1986, however on your title deed service it isn't attached anymore and it is in the neighbors plan as just right of way over it to get to their garden.

    In effect it is orphaned land I believe has been missed off my Register Plan.

    My Question is: How do I search for deeds or titles between 1986 and 1993 when you digitized everything?