We've released more HM Land Registry data free of charge

Here at HM Land Registry, we have an ambition to become the world’s leading land registry for speed, simplicity and an open approach to data. As Head of Data, I’m especially focused on the last of these. We’ve set ourselves a significant challenge to release all the data we can feasibly publish, over the next three years.

Our data team has already started working towards this goal. Today, we went live with the first of many data releases planned for the next three years. Our Commercial and Corporate Ownership (CCOD) and Overseas Companies Ownership (OCOD) datasets were released free of charge for the first time.

These datasets contain information on properties, where the registered legal owner is a UK company, a corporate body or an overseas company. We expect these datasets will become popular with a variety of customers, for a range uses.

As the custodian of the Land Register, we are obliged to safeguard the information it contains, to prevent fraud or misuse. To ensure users of CCOD and OCOD don’t use the data to harm others or breach their privacy rights, we have implemented a registration process. This process includes the acceptance of licence terms and identity verification.

While this means that the data isn’t fully open, it does enable us to release the data free of charge. This removes a significant cost barrier that has hindered citizens, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies from using the datasets. For us it is all about getting the balance right; by taking this approach we can ensure that we are safeguarding part of the Critical National Infrastructure but also meeting our ambition to make our information as open as possible.

As we continue to publish new data we may have to apply similar registration processes to other datasets, to safeguard against fraud. In the coming months, we will publish our roadmap for future data releases; this will describe the datasets we’re considering releasing. It will also show the extent of our open data ambition, which I think you will find impressive, and allow you to feedback your priorities.


  1. Comment by Philip Mullard posted on

    Would like to know all owned properties by family surname of Tavre
    Would be trulely grateful.

  2. Comment by NT posted on

    It would be great if it didn't cost money to search the land registry, effectively a big DB of documents. Slap it into ElasticSearch and allow full text and metadata search at will, effectively taking this 1860s filing cabinet into the 1950s.

    Maybe you could even expose a nice web interface with alerting around properties, and NLP based parsing of titles and charges-- but that might require a developer or two.

    I'm bitter because it should not cost 3 quid to run a lookup, which is required to prove ownership of a property. It's a pointless charge that makes accessing data that much more irritating and difficult. Some of the fancier searches cost even more. It's ridiculous. Data should be open and free, especially when it's required by the public and paid for by the public.

  3. Comment by Shela posted on

    When it says boundary, is that from your front door, or the end of your front garden ( that would make it from your front gate)

    • Replies to Shela>

      Comment by AdamH posted on

      Sheta - from a registration perspective the boundary is shown by a red outline on the title plan.

  4. Comment by Sheila posted on

    Can I search to find my mortgage lender circa 1981-1986 on a particular property and if so could you provide a link?


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